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Julianne Glatz
Ask Us

Feel free to e-mail us at julianneglatz@julianneglatz.com with any questions you have and we will post them in our Ask Us section.

What is Julianne Glatz?
It's an exclusive line of high-quality cigar box handbags that targets girls of all ages whose passion is fashion, being glamorous and living life to the fullest. Look for the line to expand into other facets of women's fashion.

I own a store and would like to carry this line. Who should I contact?
Retailers can contact us using the information on our Contact page.

My husband and I acquired a cigar box from our overseas honeymoon. Can Julianne Glatz convert my sentimental souvenir into a treasured trendy handbag?
Of course! Just contact us and we will provide the same superb quality, excellent craftsmanship and techniques reserved for our own boxes



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