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Julianne Glatz
"I really love my Julianne Glatz Cigar Box Handbag!"
  Heather Lipstein
Long Island, NY
"I purchased a Julianne Glatz Cigar Box Handbag for my girlfriend's birthday, and I was so jealous of my gift that I had to buy one for myself!"

Sofitel Philadelphia

"What a conversation piece! It's so fun and easy having that cute guy you've had your eye on strike up a conversation with YOU!"
  Beth Sullivan
Chestnut Hill, PA
"My Julianne Glatz Cigar Box Handbag is so unique, versatile and practical that it takes me from casual to elegant, always making me a hit!"
  Marlena Reese
Ocala, FL
"It's so nice to smile inside, knowing that people are admiring you for having something so beautiful and unique!"
  Cathy Armstrong
Philadelphia, PA
"I consider the Julianne Glatz Cigar Box Handbag something truly necessary to have to accompany any outfit!"
  Anna Vinci
Los Angeles, CA
"As Assistant Manager of Holts Cigar Co. in Philadelphia, I have found Julianne's purses to be the best made in the area. Her boxes stand out over the others in beauty, quality, and craftsmanship."
  Greg Kushner
Philadelphia, PA



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